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When Does Spotify Wrapped Stop Tracking 2023?

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Spotify wrapped is the music review of the whole year. Learn exactly what dates Spotify start tracking your listening habit and when it stops. So, your music taste and streaming habit says a lot about you. Do they change? If so, then how? or do they stay the same? Looking back at what song artists and genres you would listen to gives insight into your state of mind and the seasons you were in then. Spotify wrapped allows you to do just that. It gives you an overview of your streaming habit over the year so you can revisit your soundtrack through certain moments in life. But when does it start and stop tracking what you are listening to? Let’s look at the inner workings of Spotify wrapped.

At What Time Does Spotify Wrapped Stop Tracking?

We have already established that Spotify wrapped is an overview of streaming habits for the year, but what does that mean, exactly? When does Spotify Wrapped start tracking? And when does Spotify Wrap stop tracking? It’s quite simple. Spotify tracks your streaming for a year, starting on January 1 and ending on October 31st. For example, your 2023 Spotify-wrapped stats are made up of your streaming data from January 1st 2023, up to October 31st 2023. technically, that’s not a full year, as your November and December streaming isn’t considered; however, it does give Spotify ample time to analyze and put your stats together. Spotify then releases a wrapped date at the beginning of December, and it stays up to December 31st only for a month; during that time, you can find the Spotify wrapped tile by hitting the search tab. The research cycle starts again in the New Year. Cannot find your Spotify wrapped? No problem. There are ways to view your old Spotify-wrapped playlist if you would like to stop Spotify from tracking your listening habits. Yes, how you can do it.

  • Please open the settings menu on your Spotify app.
  • After this, scroll down and select the privacy session.
  • Please toggle the switch next to share my listening activity to the off position.
  • Press the done button, and your data will no longer be shared.

What Is Spotify-Wrapped Tracking?

Spotify-wrapped tracking is a feature which allows the user to see how their listening habits are affecting their data. It estimates the number of songs played, time spent listening, and data usage; however, the accuracy of this feature has been questioned by some users. One user reported that the number of songs played was significantly lower than what they had listened to, and another said that the time spent listening was overestimated. However, these reports raise some concerns about the accuracy of Spotify-wrapped tracking. However, it is still a valuable tool for users who want to be mindful of how their data usage affects them.

Is the Spotify-wrapped playlist in Order?

The Spotify-wrapped playlist is created based on the songs and artists you listened to the most during the year, and the playlist is not generated in any particular order. Plus, you can sort the songs according to their release date, artist name, or play count, and you have the option of replaying the playlist in any order you wish. Spotify wrapped is about celebrating the music you loved during the past year, and the playlist order does not affect your experience.

When Does Spotify Wrapped Start Recording?

Spotify wrapped is eagerly awaited by music lovers every year, and it is a personalized end-of-the-year music report that breaks down the music you have listened to over the past year. Spotify starts recording data for wrapped from January 1st to December 31st each year. It means all the songs, albums, and podcasts you have listened to during this period have been tracked and used to generate your unique Spotify-wrapped experience.

What Month Does Spotify Wrap Tracks?

As mentioned earlier, Spotify starts collecting data from the 1st of January every year, and it means that Spotify tracks your music listening habits exactly from January to December of that specific year. So when the year-end approaches, you can expect a delightful and informative wrapped summer highlighting your most streamed songs, artists, genres and many more.

Spotify-Wrapped Festival.

 In addition to the personalized report that users receive, Spotify hosts an annual event called the Spotify Wrapped Festival. This festival celebrates the end of the year and highlights some of the most popular artists and songs on the platform throughout the year. In the past, this festival has featured performances by popular artists like Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lamar. The festival is usually held in the last December and is highly anticipated by music lovers worldwide.

How Do You See Your Past Wrapped Playlist?

During the Spotify-wrapped period, you have access to your wrapped stories and personalized wrapped playlists. The playlist contains your top 100 songs of the whole year and is usually accompanied by another playlist of similar songs that you missed out on during this year. However, you will not be able to see your Spotify-wrapped stories and cards beyond the wrapped period, usually until the end of December. Instead, you will only be able to see your wrapped playlist, and the good news is that this playlist will remain on your device. So you can access them anytime you want. To access this playlist, simply log into your Spotify and click the link below, depending on the year you are looking for. You can also save the playlist to your Spotify library for easy access, and to do so, you just need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Firstly, you must click the link to choose the year you want.
  • Please double-tap on the playlist to open it.
  • Once open, tap the heart button to save it to your library, and you can enjoy it.

Why Isn’t My Spotify Wrapped Working?

Some users may have trouble accessing the Spotify-wrapped stats. For instance, complaints about the app crashing when viewing Spotify wrapped in 2021. Some of them even find that their wrapped is not showing up, and if you are unable to access your Spotify wrapped, there are a few quick fixes you can try out, as mentioned below. Just do it.

  • Firstly, you have to always make sure you check the wrap at the right time.
  • After this clears the Spotify catches once
  • You can log out and log in again, which is the last option for you.

When Does Spotify Start Collecting Data from Wrapped?

Spotify wrapped the year-end review of your music listening habit, one of the most eagerly anticipated events for music enthusiasts. Have you ever wondered when Spotify started collecting the data form? The answer is straightforward: Spotify started collecting data from the web on 1st January of every year. Yes, you read that right: Spotify keeps a tab on your listening habit throughout the year, analyzes the data and prepares a personalized wrapped experience for its 345 million active users.

Why Does Spotify Wrap at the End of October?

Spotify Wrapped is a yearly event that gives users a summary of the music streaming activity throughout the year. The data used for wrapping is collected from the 1st of January of the same year to the 31st of October. So, the wrap ends in October to give Spotify enough time to analyze the data and create personalized reports for each user.

Do You Get a Spotify Wrapped Without Premium?

You can still access Spotify wrapped even if you are not a premium user, and the only requirement is a Spotify account created before November 15 of the same year. Spotify Wrapped is a yearly event where Spotify provides users with insights into their streaming activity throughout the year. It is fun to discover new artists and songs and relive your favourite music moment of the year.

How Do You Access the Previous Spotify Wrapped?

Accessing your previous Spotify wrap is easy, and all you need to do is log in to your Spotify account by clicking on the Your Library option at the bottom right corner of the screen. Then select wrapped from the menu, and you can navigate to the previous year’s wrapped report and playlist from here. This feature allows you to reminisce scenes and compare your listening habits from the past year, and it is a perfect way to see how your music taste has evolved.


Spotify has become a year-end fixture that people eagerly look forward to, and it reflects your past year in music and other audio experiences you get. Now you can access your Spotify wrapped and download it so you always have unique items to remember the year by. You can also share interesting stats like your listening personality or audio with friends and followers. May all the information mentioned will be helpful for you.